May 6, 2020
6 Mins

Meet #barber_djivi, as a barber and small-business owner he was struckhard by Covid-19.

Despite welcome government measures making ends meet was no walk in the park.

As a true entrepreneur, he came up with the idea of selling Barber Djivi t-shirts. This enterprise enabled him to keep paying his rent and survive this challenging period. Thinking out of the box paid off for him.

To make al long story short I bought one of his t-shirts, he opened shop again and I had a haircut that was long overdue.

For business owners who have yet to master the Dutch language and not quite ready to sell t-shirts there is a new initiative of the Dutch Chambre of Commerce. provides information in Englisch on compensation measures like the Temporary Emergency Bridging Measure (NOW), Reimbursement for entrepreneurs in affected sectors (TOGS), Temporary Bridging Measure for Self-employed professionals (TOZO) and the Corona bridging Loan (COL).

All form the perspective of the foreign entrepreneur in Holland. If you need assistance with assessing your eligibility or applying feel free to contact us

Otherwise, you can always learn Dutch of course...