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Living and working in the Netherlands means paying tax and dealing with the Dutch Tax Authorities. We offer private persons and entrepreneurs a wide range of tax solutions to give peace of mind when it comes to their tax compliance.

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Easytax makes sure you are tax compliant but do not overpay on your taxes. Secure collaboration with the Dutch Tax Authorities makes it possible to file any type of tax return online for you. This includes the M-form. The whole process is easy and safe. All relevant information can be uploaded through our safe client portal.

Filing an M-form is often profitable but...

Filing and preparing an M-form requires expert fiscal knowledge about tax treaties, double tax relief, social premiums, tax-deductible items etc. Are you a non-resident qualifying taxpayer? If so you are entitled to the same tax credits, rebates and tax-deductible items as resident taxpayers for the period you resided abroad. Easytax has extensive experience preparing M-forms making sure you're tax compliant and don't pay too much tax.
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Dutch Register of Tax Advisors

Currently, the job description or title Tax Advisor is not protected in the Netherlands. There are no minimum requirements to be met for education and or knowledge. Therefore make sure your tax advisor is a member of a professional umbrella organization. Such a membership comes with a guarantee of up-to-date fiscal knowledge and expertise. Easytax is a proud member of the Dutch Register of Tax Advisors (RB).

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Easy Tax

“What a joy to work with someone speedy and knowledgeable! Stephan has an amazingly quick turnaround and is thorough. Will definitely reach out to him again for tax advice.”

Saskia Mureau
Easy Tax

“Stephan was a great help for the filling of my tax return. His service is very professional and he takes the utmost care of customers who require extra information or personalized support. The fee from easy tax is more reasonable than many other tax offices that would provide such a level of service. I would certainly recommend Easy tax for anyone seeking tax assistance in NL.

Quentin Delacroix
Easy Tax

"Stephan was fast, efficient, clear and reliable! Appreciate his support on the M form tax return. I would highly recommend his professional service and expertise. Thank you Stephan and thank you Easytax! "

Daso Benko

"Stephan was very helpful and responsive during the process of filing my M-Form. He happily explained all aspects and took the time to clarify several follow up questions.
The price for the filling of the M-Form was also very fair and reasonable. I would definitely recommend Easytax!" 🙂

Fabian Prinz
OTA Insight
Yu Wang

"Very helpful, thank you! Remote filing of my tax forms. Stephan’s help was a big relief for me! "

Yu Wang

"Professional approach in filing our migration form with the Dutch tax office. Keeping within agreed deadlines could be a point of improvement. All in all I recommend this service. "

Martin Hesselink

"Stephan was very helpful and took all the stress away from filing the M-form! Definitely coming back to him for any other tax related services I need. Highly recommend! "

Nathnael Gossaye

"I wanted to solve a tex related matter quickly and Stephan was super responsive and communicative from the first moment onwards! He even called me to double check that I understood everything he had explained over text. Definitely contact Stephan if you are in need of advice or clarification!"

Carla Falcon Bayer

"Stephan took care of my M-form in record time, he was responsive and very professional. I highly recommend using his services!"

Vassilis Prymidis

"Stephan provided great service in what is a complicated tax matter. Highly recommended."

Bert Jansen
KWS group

"Very helpful and professional! I would highly recommend Stephan's tax services. After moving out of The Netherlands I had to file my taxes with the famous M-Form and Stephan was of huge help by taking over the task. Thank you!"

Katariina Huikku

"Stephan was very professional and helpful with any questions I had. Filing an M-form was certainly not something I could have done myself, but thanks to Stephan I feel like my tax year is taken care of, worry-free."

Kim du Toitova
Fair & Sustainable Consulting

"I definitely recommend Stephan as a helpful and responsive tax expert who has helped me a lot sorting out my numerous tax-related questions and concerns after moving to the Netherlands!"

Mark Lesun

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