Filing an M-form

Filing an M-form

May 3, 2020
6 Mins

True M-form Horror story 😱😱

Earlier this week a client contacted us pretty stressed out. He had his M-form for 2018 filed through someone he found on This week and the week before he received a couple of letters from the Dutch Tax Authorities (holding them in my hands above) expressing their need for additional information and questions about the validity of the tax return that was filed. He couldn't get hold of the person who helped him and contacted us.

Personally I thought he was full of... But as it turns out he was telling the truth.This was also a first for me in quite a few years of experience dealing with expat tax matters in the Netherlands. In the end, we managed to obtain valuable time to sort matters out. All well that ends well in this case.

So what to should you do when you receive an M-form?

An M-form can be a very daunting proposition. 34 pages of incomprehensible Dutch gibberish. If you go looking for help you encounter fees sometimes up to absurd amounts of € 350,00 per M-form. Most of the time a correctly filed M-form will get you a tax refund. But it can also get you into trouble as above. Thus find yourself a trustworthy advisor.

How to find the right tax advisor?

Find an advisor who is a member of a branch organization, for example, the Dutch Register of Tax Advisors. Still, no guarantee but at least the person helping you has had proper education and actual knowledge because of permanent education. Besides he or she will have professional liability insurance.

Do not let price be your main objective. Because in the end, this can and will cost you money.

If you want us to help you with your M-form click here.