Late filing your M-form 2019 ?

Late filing your M-form 2019 ?

April 29, 2019
6 Mins

Deadline for filing your M-form 2019

As you can see still grinding to get all of those M-forms done in time.
Grey hair from all the tax worries and maybe a bit too long :) Although the Dutch Government has brought into effect a great many measures to accommodate those struck by the pandemic the regular deadline for filing your income tax return, including the M-form, is still July the 1st in most cases.

Need to file your M-form later?

You can get an extension by calling the Belastingtelefoon (Helpline of the Dutch tax authorities) at +31 (0) 800 0543 or +31 (0) 555 385 385 if you're a non-residential taxpayer.

Or either complete the form (only in Dutch) or online with your DigiD …This will cover you till the 1st of September.

Want us to buy you some more time and handle your M-form?

Easytax can get you an extension up to a full year as we're registered with the Belastingdienst. This means the 1st of May 2021. We can process and file your M-form completely online. This means no need for the paper booklet and you'll know the outcome of the M-form straight away.

E-mail me at or call me at +31 88 0 600 600.